Pumped Up Egg Salad

Weekday lunches can get repetitive, or just lack creativity after awhile. We either go out to same old places, or bring a PB&J or deli meat sandwich (yawn)! If you’re looking to spice up your lunchtime routine, look no further! Coneys and Kale whipped up a delicious, healthy, and ridiculously easy egg salad recipe. It’s quicker than waiting in line at the deli counter, and takes roughly 10 minutes to prepare if you boil your eggs ahead of time.

How do you eat your egg salad? I enjoy mine with a handful of crackers and a piece of Babybel cheese, please.

Cost: About $2 totalimage

Serving Size: 2-3


  • 1 harboiled egg, diced small
  • 2 hardboiled egg whites, diced small
  • 1 long piece of celery stalk, diced small
  • 1/4 red onion, diced small
  • 1 heaping tbsp Grey Poupon, or other Dijon mustard
  • 1 heaping tbsp plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp dried or fresh dill
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

Directions (ONE STEP):

1. Throw all ingredients into a medium-sized bowl. Mix together well and enjoy! How easy is this, people?! Leave a reply and let me know how yours turns out!




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