A Perfect Night Out at Public House

Lentil and PH Burger

Lentil and PH Burgers

Ferndale is hands down one of my favorite places to go for food and drinks these days. Where else can you create some artwork, dance the night away, play arcade games, and eat until your heart’s content? The funk factor is there; this is no Birmingham, mind you. But, if you’re trying to shake things up a bit, head to Ferndale for the night. Specifically, make Public House a stop. This place is a must if you like craft cocktails, small (but filling) plates, and a cool atmosphere.

As soon as I walked into Public House, I felt like I had been transported to a trendy restaurant in New York or Los Angeles. I could just tell that I was in a fun, hip place, and I was ready to lunge full-force into the Public House experience.

My dining partner and I were seated at the “drink bar,” which is at the far end of the restaurant, situated right in front of an open kitchen. I had a front row seat to watch the cooks dip bright green onions in creamy batter and tempura flakes, and see the hush puppies become shaped into round, perfect circles. Over at the bar, I could see the bartenders shake and mix all kinds of fancy beverages.

Chips and aoili

Chips and aioli

I eagerly perused the menu, struggling to decide how many plates to order. The menu, which consisted of simply “snacks” (appetizers) and various sliders, was so intriguing that I wanted to try just about everything. I would recommend going with a group of four to six so that you can taste as many plates as possible. However, my dining parter and I made it work with just the two of us, so you can, too. We started with the chips and tempura-fried green onions. I preferred the chips to the onions, but both were deliciously crunchy and savory.

Tempura-fried green onions

Tempura-fried green onions

Each of us ordered two sliders: I got the “PH Burger” and the “Lentil Burger.” While the lentil was delicious, my favorite between the two was the “PH.” This little number featured a lamb and pork patty, topped with feta, mint chutney, jalapeño, red onion, and pickle, served on a mini toasted brioche bun. It was absolutely divine. My only “beef” was that by the time it landed in front of me, it was a little cold. However, the flavor combination made up for it.

My foodie-partner-in-crime for the night chose the “Bacon Jam Burger” and “Pulled Pork Burger.” She favored the “Bacon Jam,” which was a well-seasoned ground round, topped with bacon onion jam, pickles, and lettuce, on a toasted brioche bun. Both of us were more than satisfied and full off of our sliders and starters.

Our total bill between the two of us was a little over $20 for food, and our drinks were $8 each. Both of us ordered a cocktail with the works – gin, chartreuse, egg whites, and some other flavorful additions. Public House has an extensive selection of mixed drinks, wine, and beer to choose from, and the bartenders really know their stuff.

Bacon Jam and Pulled Pork Burgers

Bacon Jam and Pulled Pork Burgers

If you manage to save room for dessert, munch on a bag of cotton candy (there were purple and green that night). Whether it’s for a quick bite to eat or a night out, I highly recommend Public House. Impress your friends, a date, or even your parents (maybe not grandparents). You just can’t beat the flavors, funkiness, and fun vibe of this little place. Way to go, Ferndale!

Price range: The food ranges from $2-3.75 per item, and the cocktails were $8 each

Location: 241 W Nine Mile, Ferndale, MI 48220

Hours: Mon.- Sun. 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. *They also serve brunch!

Phone: 248) 850-7420 *No reservations. Our wait was about 20 minutes to get seated on a Saturday night

I found an older version of their menu, but make sure to follow Public House on Instagram @publichouse_ferndale and like them on Facebook!



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